list of links of affiliations, passions, interests, questions, save it for later, and good for the library type of stuff that may or may not end up in the blog entries


(again, those historic posters are from wiki, and Mike took that photo of me…)   (?) save it for later kind of thing,32068,23218019001_1898975,00.html Thunderbird MBA Oath Video/Time Videos

 Incredible Help Haiti Video Crisis Camp Video with no speaking…is awesome!

Sunlight Labs in Action with Crisis Camp DC i love Sunlight…and Crisis Camp.  some of my photos are used here, also.  ❤ for Creative Commons!!! (our social help experiment) (the same social help expanded to another market) (long standing social help; set up manager’s blog thru there) (more power to the people kinda thing…admin hesitant: our local orchestra thru Cindy Benton-Groner at UVA…island music history) where we will be playing again in June… one of the most important links in my lifetime thus far another of the most important links and yes, another important one… the man that got me into crisis camp via NPR NPR coverage also pivotal person…and Noel Dickover: pivotal

too many “pivotals” to mention but to be sure, i consider Alex Howard pivotal too: LOCAL Central VA, Market Manager’s blog (1); she liked the header i made with photos…what do you think? (yeah, all local scenes from her/our markets) her head shot came from when we worked together on…


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